My thoughts on networking and tips/advice

Networking. Is it a dirty word?

I have found that throughout my time networking for the past 7 years of my life. I have realized that people need to think long term. Many of us do not see the value of networking or people think “it is a lot of work”.

Well it depends on what your values are and what your goals are?

For me, the reason why I love networking so much and that you get to meet so many interesting people in the world and you get to learn something new every time.

After listening to some tedtalks, I will have to try the skipping the small talk and going straight into a question that people would not expect.

For instance, asking them what he or she wanted to be when he or she was a young kid?

I do think it is extremely hard to build a relationship with someone after talking to them for only 5 minutes. I do think follow ups and making a conscious effort is extremely important especially to people who you want to surround yourself with.

What are your thoughts on networking?

I am excited to start my own company called NOVA- Network of Visionary Asians soon. We will be having our launching party soon in April. Stay tuned =) It is going to be big!


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