Favorite podcast episodes of The Investors Podcast


TIP 125: Billionaire Reid Hoffman & The Start- Up of You
TIP 120 and 121: Super investor- Warren Buffet’s Clone: Mohnish Pabrai
TIP 112: Billionaire Paul Allen- Idea Man
TIP 107: Jack Welch’s book- Winning
TIP 104: Billionaire Carl Icahn- A Rare Look Behind the Scenes
TIP 099: Billionaire Jack Ma and Alibaba
TIP 096: Billionaire Phil Knight & Nike
TIP 095: Billionaire Tony Hsieh’s book- Delivering Happiness at Work
TIP 080: The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey
TIP 069: How to Win Friends and Influence People
TIP 064: Warren Buffet’s Biography
TIP 051: Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Book- How to Win at the Sport of Business
TIP 026: Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Book Recommendation -Rework
TIP 013: How Billionaire’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin Built Google
TIP 011: Billionaire Jeff Bezos- The Secrets to his success
TIP 007: Peter Thiel’s book- Zero to One


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