Lewis Howe’s School of greatness:Top 10 favorite episodes

School of greatness : Lewis Howes is my favorite. He does a really great job at interviewing people with a ton of empathy. He has a Friday short podcast that really does a great job on being a better reflection person.

Here is his website if you want to learn more.



  1. Joshua Millburn was a really good one for being that have too much clutter in their lives.

What he does is really get rid almost everything and from it comes a lot of clarity, calmness, and just being able to live life without materialistic things.

This was life changing for me and I truly believe that in America we tend to keep everything and most of it is junk. If you are afraid of throwing it up just take a picture of it.

2. Wim Hof is a another really interesting guy. He is known for doing outrageous things by holding 26 world records.


3. Sara Blakely SPANX CEO


The hustle from Sara is amazing. She is a true inspiration. This episode really pumped me up to really trying to not ever give up. She is the real deal. I love her attitude and approach in life. c This is one episode I would recommend to friends who have never heard of this show before.


4. Sharapova is a great one as well.

People do not realize the amount of work that goes into their people’s success. People always talk about how people are just super talented. I think its 95% pure hustle and an extremely consistent work ethic and about 5% is talent. Yeah, it helps if you are really tall or have “good genetics” but there are literally millions of people that are not tall or have good genes but just work harder than everyone else. It is truly inspiring Maria’s story and how much harder she works than everyone else.

5. Chris Lee is the man! If you do not know who he is. You have to listen to him. He is probably one of the best speakers I ever had ever heard in my life and I have listened to over 500 podcast episodes so far. After listening to this I went back to look for all of his other podcasts. It is just pure gold.


6. Larry King.

Man, what a legend. He is just such a great story teller. It really does teach me a lot about being able to tell a memorable story. You have to listen to this podcast, it will change your life. He just has a way with people, making them feel at ease with his voice and just natural curiosity for life.


7. Steve Weatherford

This is a really interesting one as well. Steve has an amazing story and the work ethic to become a super bowl champion. He is a pure athlete and has really strong family values. He is going to be a force to reckon with in the future. I can see him going really far in life with his mentality and his drive. This really taught me how to work hard and just keeps me motivated in the gym knowing that Steve works out harder than anyone else on the giants probably.


8. This is an extremely practical and one of the most useful episodes.

This episode teaches you how to gift and how gifting can you one of the best ROIs in business. For anyone in marketing or sales, this is a must read.


9.  Gary V.

What a legend! Everything he talks about hits home for me. This guy is the truth. He is the social media and a self branding guru. Anyone that cares about standing out from everyone else and cares about their online reputation has to listen to him.


10. Logan Paul.


Really interesting guy. He is so confident, I learned from him that who cares what everyone else thinks about you. Do not let the noise phase you from being you. I really like how confident he is and he is not going to stop no matter what stands in his way. He has extremely well rounded as well being a great athlete and focuses on his career.


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