Reflections for 2016

As we come to an end in 2016. I would like to thank all of my friends and everyone who contributed to my growth this year. I would say without a doubt this was the year of the most growth my me. I have read the most books this year, around 18 books or so and over 100 articles on self development and growth. Listened to over a 100 Podcasts.

Some of the highly recommended ones are the following.

In order of my favorite to least favorite but still ones I would totally recommend.

  1. The School of Greatness: Lewis Howes
  2. Planet Money- NPR
  3. NPR Hidden Brain
  4. the Tony Robbins Podcast
  5. Freakonomics Radio
  6. How to be a grown up Podcast
  7. The Art of Manliness- Brett McKay
  8. Money for the Rest of Us
  9. Life Hacks Spoken Edition
  10. Serial
  11. Malcolm Gladwell: Revisionist History
  12. BBC World Service-The Documentary
  13. This American Life
  14. Mindset Mountain Podcast
  15. Ted Talks: Ideas worth talking about
  16. Ted Radio Hour
  17. Millenial Podcast
  18. Art of Charm- Jordan Harbinger
  19. NPR Technology
  20. Techstuff
  21. 10% Happiness with Dan Harris
  22. The world: Science, Tech & Environment

Let me know if you cannot find it I will send you a link via email or text.

For Music Recommendations. These are the podcasts I would recommend.

  1. Global DJ Broadcast: Markus Schulz
  2. Aruna- The Hot List
  3. Solarstone- Pure Trance Radio Podcast
  4. Electric for Life – Gareth Emery
  5. W&W Mainstage Podcast- W&W Music
  6. Future sound of Egypt
  7. Hardwell on Air: Official Podcast
  8. Clublife by Tiesto
  9. A&B group Therapy Radio

The two apps I use are Podcast Addict and Player FM (I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge Phone)

I would recommend Markus Schulz and A&B group therapy for doing work because it is more mellow and less intrusive when you are trying to accomplish things. The nice repetitive beats helps you getting into a nice “flow’.

Solarstone is nice too, it really depends on your mood. I am curious as to which ones you would recommend?

I am heading out to my crossfit class now I will write short summarys of the takeaways from of these podcasts. I am curious as to which ones you guys listen to and would recommend to me. Thanks everyone for your input!


First blog post

The reason why I wanted to start a blog post is because people have suggested to me since I am big on social media and I try to post a lot of content. I have been reading a lot and would love to interact more and get everybody’s opinions on certain things.

I have been devoted my life to listening to motivational content in hopes to help others along the way when dealing when depression or anyone that is kind of stuck in life and is searching for meaning or some sort of purpose. My goal is help others around me become a better person whatever that is which is different for everyone. I am going to share my experiences and what I learned throughout the years. I hope others can comment and let me know which posts they like so that I can improve my content.